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Day 10 of the New dagabi





The new shelter in place, stay at home, orders.

there seems to be some confusion about where we stand with this. Dagabi is a licensed restaurant that is included in the exemption list. We are exempt from having to close. WE ARE OPEN

What works best for us is our delivery system. Simply call the restaurant and request a delivery. This keeps our servers working and you can pay over the phone. You can include a percentage of the total for a tip and we will deliver it to your door. You don’t have to sign anything you don’t even have to open your door.  You don’t have to come out and meet us we’ll just simply leave it on your doorstep.  Please consider the delivery options as these times are going to get tougher and tougher.

Today we go back to a $20 two-course meal appetizers and entrees are available on our specials on the website. Our full menu is always available is at www.dagabicucina.com 

thank you everybody and please stay healthy.  Love from Dagabi