Dagabi Daily Notes

Happy Saturday Dagabi community,


We hope everybody is doing well and safe out there.


We have great specials tonight Alaskan halibut and the classic dessert of zabaione.


Thank you, everybody, for the support, we had a couple of slower weeks for us as of late. We don’t know quite why but perhaps people are venturing out to Pearl Street more, or expanding themselves a little bit more, all we can do is guess.


The owner and his family will be leaving Sunday through Thursday this week. It will be the first time they’ve taken a break from the restaurant since February and it’s long overdue for a little relaxation.


This means no emails for this week, but please keep in mind the FREE delivery that keeps our servers moving. The special nights are Sunday night is calzone night, chef Antonio’s paella Monday, all-night happy hour in the house on Tuesday, and pizza Wednesday.  We can’t wait to see your smiling faces, we hope everybody’s having a great weekend. The Dagabi staff

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