Dagabi Daily Notes

What a beautiful Saturday, after those large rainstorms last night.


Happy weekend to the Dagabi community and thank you for all the emails. Thank you again for all the business this week.


At the Dagabi’s we have always taken pride in our specials. Changing our specials four to six times a week takes a lot of energy and effort on the whole staff’s behalf. Often it’s all we can do to finish cooking the meals and get the specials out for the customers to be able to see what we’re offering that evening.  We promise to have all specials out by 4:30 daily. Because we switch the specials so often the chefs, su chefs, and servers have to create a special menu. English is not our first language. The chef is from Toledo, Spain. All the prep cooks, and sauté chefs are from Mexico. Believe us when we say we do our best when it comes to grammar and spelling. Being how English is truly our second language we are at a disadvantage. We will not promise to have any more grammar mistakes on our specials, but we do promise to keep trying. We apologize for the specials at the last minute. We apologize for the grammar. However, we don’t apologize for is how incredibly tasty the specials always are.


thank you again for all the support we’ll keep trying our hardest Dagabi Staff